Kaltenberg 2001

„CASULINO“ - the Jester

Trickery & hand stand acrobatics

“Hark, Hark! Servants come hither and feast thine eyes upon the great spectacle of Casulino the Jester!”

Welcome to the past!

This stunning show for stage and street in the style of the wandering minstrels offers a mixture of middle age appearance, down to the very last detail rehearsed – juggling and perfected with the sacrifice of sweat and tears - handstand acrobatics.

Awesome and fun for all ages!

Duration: from 15 to 30 minutes


'King of the Jesters' at the "Kaltenberger Ritterturnier" in Kaltenberg, Germany, in 2001.


„[…], wesentlich anmutiger (gibt) sich […] der Artist Casulino mit seiner unterhaltsamen One-Man-Show.“ (Badische Zeitung, 02.05.2009)