upcoming events

03.07.2016 Gauklerfest
15.07.2016 - 17.07.2016 Künstler am Meer
27.07.2016 - 31.07.2016 Fasti Verolani
Circus unARTiq, Lisa Rinne,Andreas Bartl
Circus unARTiq, Lisa Rinne, Andreas Bartl
Lisa Rinne; Swinging Trapeze
Circus unARTiq, Lisa Rinne,Andreas Bartl
Lisa Rinne; Aerial Acrobatics
Andreas Bartl; Handstands
Circus unARTiq; Lisa Rinne; Andreas Bartl; Acrobatics
Andreas Bartl; entertainment
Andreas Bartl; Handstands; UV-Light

Brilliant entertainment and contemporary art

We invite you to (re-)discover through our shows and price winning gala acts the multiple facets, aesthetics and potentials of Modern Circus.

Out of the combination of aerial and floor acrobatics emerge wonderful 'Gesamtkunstwerke' (total works of art). Put yourself and your audience under the spell of our performances.